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    Updating a jpanel Free no signup sex chat no sign up

    My problem is that when I choose a different item in the JCombo Box, the new JTable won't show until I resize the window or do something to force it to refresh. JPanel.invalidate() didn't seem to work, but JPanel.validate() did.

    panel 3 holds panel1 and panel2 (both JTables) Content(panel3); .validate() panel3 would refresh both?

    you need to do your long task in a thread of its own, separate from the EDT here's a simple demo of your problem (blocking the EDT) import *; import event.*; import javax.swing.*; class Testing extends ...(); Box main = new Box(Box Layout. Y_AXIS); public JScroll Pane setup(){ JPanel top = new JPanel(); main2.add(main); Box button Box = new Box(Box Layout. Is there a way how to use repaint() or revalidate in my situation? when you make your move, everything works just fine. Why is it that when I don't implement Runnable and don't have an additional Thread and don't have Run() and put my paint Image() method anywhere else, no image is painted? draw Image() is called from within the method and no errors occur, but nothing else happens. You're adding your Mouse Listener from within the paint Component method.

    X_AXIS); JButton add Button = new JButton("Add"); ... public class Client Frame extends JFrame{ public Client Frame() private Input Panel pnl Input = new Input Panel(); private JPanel pnl Container = ... when your opponent makes a move, it doesnt appear until you click on a square. I'm not sure if this is the source of your current problem, but it smells very strange, and I think is very wrong.

    Let's take a JLabel for example, whose text is reloaded from the database. For a JTable, use Model(), or update the data in its model.

    updating a jpanel-85updating a jpanel-35

    It wouldnt initiall let me call update Panel without qualifying with class name. Rather, why not add the Mouse Listener in the class's constructor? I am making a program that holds values for items that you sell and other info. The JTable related to the selected JCombo Box item is put into a JPanel. When I call JPanel.validate(), it seems to "reload" or "repaint" the first table, but not the second. Before adding it to the JPanel, I made sure to remove the previous table. Border Layout, Grid Layout and Flow Layout all seem so restrictive that I am at the point of having panel over panel over panel - so on and so forth - to make my GUI arrange things in a more designed and not so boxed way?Hello everyone, I know this may be an annoying question, but spending the whole day today with Google didn't help. Secondly, The line: Content Pane(this); is in the same class as the other code that was posted, and what you said makes sense. JFrame; public class Flash Execute { private static String [] Phrases = ; /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub JFrame frame = new JFrame ("Flash ( Proof of Concept)"); Flash panel ...

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