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    Memorable moments arriving in the mansion include Ben F., who brings a bottle of wine and a glass for a toast with the bachelorette. Later that night, they have dinner in the middle of the Bellagio Fountains. Group: The men go to Las Vegas and are broken up into two teams. They are part of a flash mob and have Far East Movement play their single, "Like a G6", for them. Group: Ames, Ben F., Bentley, Blake, Chris D., Jeff, Lucas, Nick, Ryan P., and William. The date was after Bentley left and Ashley felt a little down on his elimination, They have a romantic night at Ashley's "home". Other developments: After the group date, Bentley decided to leave the show. He and Ashley go sailing near Phuket and go kayaking in Thailand's waters. He and Ashley have dinner at a park outside Chiang Mai. Original airdate: June 27, 2011 Prologue: When the eight remaining guys arrive at the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong, Chris comes to Ashley's room and tells her that Bentley is in the same hotel and wants to see her.

    Self accomodating shear strain

    Gallon jugs of industrial strength muriatic acid, (used to dissolve aluminum smeared onto cylinder walls by pistons trying to grow larger than the bore size), are cheaper when you buy cases of four!So I am surely an expert on lean seizures, detonation and preignitionsomething Im not particularly proud of, but is a factthe result of trying to find maximum horsepower for so many years.

    Amp Set Blue™ allows users to locate and ‘pair’ with the selected amplifier using their smart device and adjust all parameters of the proportional controller through several simple screens.

    After activation there is no need of internet connection to study. from tower, Ex: Wind; Angle related problems; Dot product examples Motion (3) : Two Dimensional Motion 3 Projectile on Inclined Plane- Ex: T, Hmax, Range for up the incline, Ex: T, Hmax, Range for down the incline, Short tricks to find T, Hmax, Short tricks to find Range Motion (3) : Two Dimensional Motion 5 Work & its calculation- Point 1, Point 2, Point 3, Point 4, Pt 5: point of application of force, Pt 6: reference frame, Pt 7: variable force, Pt 8: area under F, S curve, Workdone on curved path Work Energy Power 1 Energy- Potential Energy, Gravitational Potential Energy, Elastic Potential Energy, Conservation of Mechanical Energy; Potential Energy of Chain; Potential Energy & Reference Frame Work Energy Power 5 Moment of Inertia (I) - Use of Integration to find I, Moment of Inertia of Rod, Moment of Inertia of Rectangular Plate, Moment of Inertia of Disc, Moment of Inertia of Solid Sphere, Moment of Inertia of Hollow Sphere Rotational Motion 5 State Variable; State Equation; Thermodynamic Process; Process Equation & Graph; Cyclic Process; Quasistatic Process; Workdone by Gas - Work in Cyclic Process, Work in Quasistatic Process Thermodynamics 1 Heat Engine, Definition, How Heat Engine works, Refrigerator or Heat Pump, Definition, How Refrigerator or Heat Pump works, Energy Conservation, Coefficient of Performance, Second Law of Thermodynamics, Kelvin-Plank Statement, Clausius Statement, Question and Answers on How to find Heat supplied , Work done, Efficiency, etc.

    Mathematics of Vectors- Equality of Vectors, Translation of Vector, Angle between Vectors, Multiplication by Scalar, Addition of Vectors, Collinear Vectors, Triangle Law, Parallelogram Law; Examples on Addition Basic Maths (1) : Vectors 2 Not gnd-gnd projectile- Ex: Horizontal proj. Thermodynamics 5 Carnot Cycle, Processes involved in Carnot Cycle, Adiabatic and Isothermal Process, P-V graph in Carnot Cycle, Efficiency and Heat flow formulas of Carnot Cycle, Questions and Answers, Carnot engine, Reversible and Irreversible Process, Specific Heat Capacity of Solids, Specific Heat Capacity of Water Thermodynamics 6 Charge; Charging of a body- Charging of Conductors, By Contact, By Induction; Charging of Insulators- By Rubbing; Electroscope; Coulombs Law; Important Points About Coulombs Law - Force on point/large objects, Permittivity, Relative Permittivity; Columbs law in Vector form Electrostatics (1) 1 Charge Distribution; Some terms Related to Charge Distribution- Linear Charge Density, Surface Charge Density, Volume Charge Density; Electric Field due to Rod on axis; Electric Field due to Semi Circular Ring; Electric Field due to rod anywhere around it; E due to infinite and semi infinite rod; Electric field due to ring; Electric field due to Disc; Electric field due to solid hemi-sphere; E due to combined objects Electrostatics (1) 3 Finding E using concept of Gauss law and flux- E due to infinite long rod, E due to infinite sheet; Properties; E due to Infinite long solid cylinder; E due to infinite long hollow cylinder; E due to infinite long thick sheet; Choice of Gaussian Surface; E due to solid sphere; E due to hollow sphere Electrostatics (1) 5 Electric Potential; V due to hollow sphere; Graph of V due to hollow sphere; V due to solid sphere; Important Theory related to sign of V; Equipotential Surface; Important Points on V and U; Motion in Electric Field Electrostatics (2) Electric Dipole; Dipole Moment; Electric field due to dipole; E on axis of dipole; E on equitorial line; E anywhere near dipole; Potential due to dipole; Dipole in uniform electric field; Dipole in non-uniform electric field Electrostatics (2) 3 Potentiometer; Applications of Potentiometer- To find EMF of a Battery, To find internal resistance of battery , For finding potential difference; Meter Bridge; Post Office Box; Colour Code of Resistors Current Electricity (2) 4 Dielectric Strength- Chrona Discharge; Polar and Non-Polar Dielectric; Dielectric inside Cap; Equivalent Cap with Dielectric; Important Dielectric related ex 1; Important Dielectric related ex 2* Capacitor 4 Introduction, Magnetic Dipole, Magnetic Properties of Matter, Diamagnetism/Diamagnetic Substances, Paramagnetism/Paramagnetic Substances, Ferromagnetic Substances, Domain Theory of Ferro, Magnetic Properties of Matter Magnetism and Matter 1 Induced Current; Faraday's Law : If Magnetic Field through a Loop Changes, an Induced Current Flow through it; Lenz's Law : Direction of Induced Current is such that it Opposes it's Own Cause Electromagnetic Induction 3 Power in AC Circuit, Resonance Frequency, Bandwidth and Quality Factor, Phasor Diagram of Resonance Frequency, Transformer, Structure of Transformer, Purpose of Transformer, Working of Transformer, Flux Leakage in Transformer, Heat Production in Transformer Alternating Current Circuit 4 Importance of Chapter, Rays, Beam, Parallel Beam of Light, Diverging Beam of Light, Converging Beam of Light, Reflection of Light, Laws of Reflection of Light, Questions ad Answers, Angle of Deviation, Question on total Deflection of Light, Specular and Diffuse Reflection, Sources of Light, Image Formation by Plane Mirror, Questions and Answers.

    The following is a typical example of the METAR format: METAR CYYC 071500Z 04010KT 11/2SM -RAFGFU FEW003 OVC007 05/04 A2983 RMK SF2 ST6 VIS 1 SW SLP 115 A METAR is a description of weather conditions at a particular place and particular time.

    They are prepared hourly, or whenever there is a significant weather change, by Environment Canada or Flight Service personnel at specified airports (listed in the AIM).

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