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    Today’s Chump Lady rant goes out to “Tim,” a therapist who left a thoughtful review of my book on Amazon the other day. I don’t review Amazon cookbooks on Texas barbecue and inquire why there aren’t more vegan recipes.

    He gave it 4 stars (out of 5), which was very kind of him. Similarly, I wouldn’t come to a book, which brazenly encourages readers to leave cheaters, and wonder why it doesn’t discuss happily reconciled relationships. Now, maybe grace-for-cheaters is include a grace-for-cheaters caveat — is offensive.

    So it’s probably churlish of me to put his review through the Universal Bullshit Translator, but my blogging fingers got itchy when I read his criticism that I “leave no room for grace.” Chump Nation, hold my beer. I don’t write for nice, mild-mannered marriage counselors. Tim, consider our radical perspective here — an entire discourse around infidelity (blog closing in on 15 million views and God knows how many book sales) that does NOT revolve around what the cheater wants, needs, or might become.

    The tagline is “Leave a cheater, gain a life.” I’m selling exactly what I’m advertising.

    The whole idea that a chump should “leave room for grace” for cheaters — is not the mission of this site or my book.

    via GIPHY What makes chumps chumps is having spent entire relationships being lopsidedly, slavishly devoted to cheaters’ wants, needs, and potential.

    Note when the letter "g" is either the first or last letter of the word or syllable, it is pronounced as an unvoiced velar fricative in the back of the throat.

    And now, having been fucked over, we reject cheater centrality — in our lives and in the greater infidelity discourse.

    Chump Nation is about what the CHUMP wants, needs, and can become (mighty).

    Most of Switzerland's research and development centres are concentrated in Zürich and the low tax rates attract overseas companies to set up their headquarters there.

    Monocle's 2012 "Quality of Life Survey" ranked Zürich first on a list of the top 25 cities in the world "to make a base within". In English, the name used to be written as Zurich, without the umlaut. Neither the name's linguistic origin (most likely Rhaetic or Celtic) nor its meaning can be determined with certainty.

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