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The fourth annual Eugene Beer Week kicks off Monday, June 2, and this year’s lineup of events is full of flavor, fun and education. Here’s our recommendation of how to celebrate each day: Monday, June 2: Beer Family Feud, 7 pm at the Bier Stein Tuesday, June 3: Bend Invades Eugene, on tap all day at the Bier Stein Wednesday, June 4: Cider is the New Beer Fest, 5 pm to 10 pm at 16 Tons Taphouse Thursday, June 5: In-House Cask Ale Fest, all day at Plank Town Friday, June 6: Cheese Wars VI w/Agrarian & Oregon Wine Lab, 8 pm at 16 Tons Cafe Saturday, June 7: Sasquatch Brew Fest, noon at the Ninkasi parking lot Sunday, June 8: Brunch Beers & Brunch Foods, 10 am to 3 pm at Party Downtown Hotspot, an app-making company co-founded by Marist grad Jasjit Singh, is launching a new app, Happy Hours, which contains more than 100 Eugene happy hours. Check it out at Lane County Farmers Market: Lola’s Fruit Shrubs is making four variations of drinking vinegars: lime, blueberry ginger, strawberry balsamic and orange serrano.