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    Intimidating strike feat 3 5

    G- Hey Kent , whats up I need a help pls Back at game recently and my toon are ridiculous bad k.. Help me pls Since there's nothing restrictive in your request, doesn't seem to need much customization - core builds might be a place to start: o https://com/forums/showthrea...ild-Repository You can proly find an AA Ranger w/ good twf dps, and certainly one or the other.(I'd have posted suggestions w/ links, but not sure if you have HElf or not - but they're all there.) GL!In the quest to create a game that is strategically interesting but still puts story first rather than restricting players to the narrow confines of their abilities, the following list is a conversion guide for recreating the same abilities from 5th Edition D&D with the Open Legend system.Rage → Battle Trance feat Unarmored Defense → Natural Defense feat Danger Sense → Lightning Reflexes feat Fast Movement → Fleet of Foot feat Extra Attack → Reckless Frenzy feat Feral Instinct → Lightning Reflexes feat Brutal Critical → Vicious Strike feat Relentless Rage → Deathless Trance feat Persistent Rage → Indomitable Endurance feat Indomitable Might → Skill Specialization (Might) feat Frenzy → Reckless Frenzy feat Mindless Rage → Impervious Trance feat Intimidating Presence → Bane Focus (Intimidated) feat, Multi-Target Attack Specialist feat Retaliation → Multi-Attack Specialist feat Spirit Seeker → accessed via Mind Dredge bane and Seeing boon Totem Spirit (Bear) → accessed via Resistance boon Totem Spirit (Eagle) → Evasive Footwork feat Totem Spirit (Wolf) → already granted by default Aspect of the Beast (Bear) → Skill Specialization (Might) feat Aspect of the Beast (Eagle) → Skill Specialization (Perception) feat and/or Boon Focus (Blindsight) feat Aspect of the Beast (Wolf) → Master Tracker feat, Fast Tracker feat, Skill Specialization (Agility) feat Spirit Walker → Augury boon via the Prescience attribute Totemic Attunement (Bear) → Bane Focus (Intimidated) feat Totemic Attunement (Eagle) → Boon Access (Flight) feat Totemic Attunement (Wolf) → Bane Focus (Forced Move) feat Spellcasting → Banes accessed via Influence (Charmed, Dominated, Fear, Intimidated, Demoralized), Influence (Phantasm, Invisiblility), Presence (Demoralized, Intimidated), Creation (Heal, Retributive Barrier, Fear, Regeneration), and Protection (Resistance, Restoration, Dispel) attributes Bardic Inspiration → Boon Focus (Bolster) feat Jack of All Trades → Well-Rounded feat Song of Rest → Boon Focus (Heal) feat, high Presence or Creation attribute Expertise → Skill Specialization (Any) feat Font of Inspiration → granted from the start Countercharm → Defensive Reflexes feat, Hospitaler feat Magical Secrets → Available via freeform attribute buy-in (every character is multiclass by default) Superior Inspiration → Boon Focus II (Bolster) feat Bonus Proficiencies → Skill Specialization feat, Knowledge feat Cutting Words → Bane Focus (Demoralized) feat Additional Magical Secrets → Available via freeform attribute buy-in (every character is multiclass by default) Peerless Skill → Multi-Target Boon Specialist feat, Multi-Target Boon Expert Feat Bonus Proficiencies → Armor proficiency is accessible to all characters by investing in the Fortitude attribute, to be even better take the Armor Mastery feat Combat Inspiration → Defensive Reflexes and use of Defense action Extra Attack → Multi-targeting available to all by default, Multi-Attack Specialist feat for extra attacks Battle Magic → Available to all characters at all times with the bane system that allows fusing damaging attacks with bane side-effects Spellcasting → Banes and boons accessed via Creation (Heal, Retributive Barrier, Fear, Regeneration), Protection (Resistance, Restoration, Dispel), Prescience (Detection, Bolster, Blindsight, Truesight, Mind Dredge, Seeing), Presence (Demoralized, Intimidated), Energy (Forced Move, Intimidated, Knockdown, Persistent Damage, Blinded, Demoralized), and Influence (Charmed, Dominated, Fear, Intimidated, Demoralized) attributes.

    You have the ability to transform from one persona to another, whether that be through bodily transformation like a werewolf or through exterior mechanisms, such as a cybernetically enhanced soldier who can call forth a symbiotic mech suit. Jekyll, the 10 damage remains and is subtracted from his new maximum, leaving the doctor with 5 out of 15 hit points.Devoted Spirit Devoted Spirit maneuvers focus on toughness, endurance, ripostes, and abilities designed to defeat a specific alignment.Those who follow the Devoted Spirit discipline seek to support a cause by defending it, nurturing it, and destroying its enemies.Cantrips → Everything in Open Legend is a cantrip Ritual Casting → Ritual Magic feat Channel Divinity: Turn Undead → Bane Focus (Fear) feat Destroy Undead → Open Legend doesn’t do cheap instant-kill effects against a very specific subset of enemies, but at the GM’s discretion undead might be vulnerable to damage from the Creation attribute Divine Intervention → Since you’ll never run out of spells, you won’t need your deity to cast them for you when you mysteriously forget them Knowledge Domain (Blessings of Knowledge) → Skill Specialization feat, Well-Rounded feat Knowledge Domain (Channel Divinity: Knowledge of the Ages) → Well-Rounded feat.Knowledge isn’t restricted in Open Legend, anyone can increase their Learning attribute.

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