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    For this new project I wanted to have a clean installation for Ruby and Rails.

    Are you dating a car salesman

    They hire 30 people a month hoping just one or two stick.

    The 'average' Toyota salesman might make 40-50k a year with the guys who stick it out with good clientelle making 125k year.

    Next thing you know, little Monopoly houses are all over the floor and you're huddle in the corner crying because they played way too hard.

    You're evacuating to a safe house because they brought out Scattergories. If you ever want to play a board game without fearing for your life, do not date a workaholic. Warning sign: Is somehow a Wi-Fi hotspot If the person you want to date is unavailable they could be married or trapped in a supernatural ice prison by an evil wizard's curse. So much lying, sneaking around, scheming, and the heartbreak that comes from learning that a soldering iron can't melt through ice bars that are cursed by magic.

    Your family meal together is breakfast because your husband hasn't had dinner with the kids on a weeknight since Christmas. Your month-to-month income chart looks like a series of Mc Donalds arches. As a matter of fact I held my own wedding on a Sunday because to me, Saturday is a work day.

    Most people forget where they parked, you forget what car you drove to the store. Most brides have nightmares about the dress not fitting or typhoons striking, but my big fear was a customer wanting to come in and my dad or my fiancé having to work a deal. On Saturdays, my dad got up at the crack of dawn and shined himself up like a peacock before diving into the shark tank that is a domestic car dealership.

    It's mentally and physically taxing and besides the relatively fabulous income, it's pretty thankless.

    For example, the stereotype of a car salesman, a guy who slaves up to 80 hours a week to provide for his family, goes like this: While the stereotype of a doctor, who is probably a decent guy but might talk smack about your baby right in front of you, goes like this: I'm just saying, maybe there are some jobs that require a little smoke and mirrors and come with an ego and it ain't just the car salesmen.

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    Until then, maybe I entertain you on the Car Wives Facebook page. They don’t need to know if you plan on buying a car today, this week or next week. People are more vulnerable under high-pressure when alone so having others there with you can reduce the chances you rush into a decision. If you are using the phone to call around with questions during your preliminary shopping it is the salesman’s job to get you into the showroom.If they sense urgency they will immediately realize they have some additional bargaining power. This can also help to ensure the salesperson is completely forthright. They may lure you in with specials or deals that may or may not exist so it is up to you to do your due diligence beforehand and strictly get the facts you are looking for.When you get to the high end stores, it is not uncommon to have the average salary being 70k plus a year with some guys making 200k a year.I have been in the business for about two to three years and I make 150k a year, not including bonuses from the factore of another 25k a year possibly.

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