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They said at that point they had not done anything, but went into the bedroom when they saw me coming back. Swinger sex threesome with wife and friend. When I returned it was pretty quiet. Ken grunted with every spurt of cum 6,7, 8 spurts of cum.

DESCRIPTION: I never participate but once in a while will watch her as she enjoys 2 or 3 sometimes more at the same time. We introduced them to Justin, a well hung stud who was really excited when he saw how gorgeous thie lovely wife was in person.

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She was sucking on his cock like there was no tomorrow, all the while telling her hubby how much better she liked his cock. We introlduced them to our stud Scott and she was all smiles from there. Be as big a turn on as yes.

  • My husband loves to watch me with 3 men at once.
  • Never having seen his cock I would never the less describe watching his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. View Full 28 Min.
  • I'm a 14 year old guy and I am a At that moment the door bell rang and 2 more couple came to join the dinner party Jorge and I went to open the door while Caterina was watching the pot.
  • This all started in My wife was looking sexier than ever.
  • She was so excited when she pulled his thick veiny cock out of his pants. So with his big cock sliding in and out of her pussy I liked her clit, I also grabbed his balls and massaged them until he had one last shot of cum.

Her pussy was so Wice that when he went down to eat her little box, he couldn't stop talking about how much he wanted his dick in that wet slit. She started talking so nasty to her husband while she was getting fucked. We could tell this was going to be a HOT fuck session for sure.

Then she slipped that black meat between her lips and gave him an incredible blow job. I am not sure her hubby realized what he got himself into He banged her furiously knowing that at any moment Caterina or I may catch them. Thumbnails Total User Videos:

Would love to have some email addresses so I can send my wife pictures. You are going to love watching this HOT wife sharing video.

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  • He told us he was turned on by the idea of watching another man fuck his wife. She was all smiles when Jack came into the room, giggling and everything.
  • She came over and over again, all the while telling her hubby how much she loved that new black cock. We could tell this was going to be a HOT fuck session for sure.

Being 10 years older than Gale she would pretty much let me go on and on about my fantasies. We loved watching Brooke getting pounded and especially loved listening to her cum over and over again. I told him that when he called we were naked and I was eating her pussy, when I answered the phone she got up and was sucking my cock the whole time we were talking on the phone.

Hot cuckold dp with bbw wife. Even so it did not take long for me to add my load of cum into an already filled pussy. We met him at the bar If they took a simple look on a lot of kink sites they'd see you are very tame by BDSM standards. She has also been very curious about the experience.

Hot wife fucks husband and friend in the bath They started kissing and undressing eachother I'm amazed that very few pics show up on the internet and usually her face is not very evident. We arrived and was happily greeted by the Jorge and Caterina and over some drinks we were chatting and more drinks it was relaxing.

I eat all the love juice when they are finished with her It is such a turn on. I am a black guy. We have done it a few times and it was great! As he settled in next to Gale I asked her how she felt with his cum in her pussy.


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