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If I put my profile on hide after I view someone will they be able to still see I viewed their profile? Prior to having my profile hidden I didn't get too many views or messages and those that did I just wasn't attracted to physically. I'm Anonymal, I viewed someone's profile recently and was able to see them in people I've viewed later when I went back in to see who I've view they were gone. Anonymous April 5, at 8:

DESCRIPTION: I used to be a POF user but deleted my profile. I know "My Matches" cycles a bit at the beginning of the week, which is usually when I get my views Monday-Wednesday I get a spike. I did just check my profile again and the "Hide Your Profile" is still right there in the edit tab as shown on my screenshot above.

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quick POF tip on hiding profile

Thanks for the comment! Will my comments still be on the forum?

  • Anonymous September 6, at 9:
  • I had a notification of a girl "wants to meet you" I went on and sent a message but got a message saying the message was not sent due to error. MissE September 12, at
  • Join Date Jan Gender: Good luck sorry I can't help more.
  • The other thought could possibly be that I've heard rumors that POF now charges you to be an upgraded member in order to hide your profile. Hi Anonymous Every once in a while I get this same complaint.

A guy that I've been seeing will still show up in my Top Prospects has been online recently , but doesn't show up in "My Viewed" list or "view me" list, or in searches. Thanks so much for jumping in. And now you're up to 25 posts. If someone is on my favorites.

Table of Contents1 How to Hide POF Online Status2 Image Instructions to Hide your POF Online Status and Visibility3 Why Hide your Online Status on Plenty of Fish Dating? AdSearches Revealed: These Are Our Top Links For Hide Pof Profile!

How to HIDE ONLINE STATUS on POF Dating Site

If you meant to say 'hide' profile, then yes everyone who has favorited that profile, even if it is hidden, will still be able to see it. What's more, they will also be able to see when you're online.

  • Plenty of Fish 'unable to hide or unhide profile' Fix
  • You must have had your POF account for at least 24 hours before you are able to delete it.
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Your name or email address: If i delete my pof account can member's see that I've previously viewed them or does my username disappear? Anyway here's the fix, kludgy as it may be. Their customer service is very poor.

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You'll want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click where it says, "To delete your account, click here. Zarky , Nov 15, It might be that it is different for some but I don't know why minus, the cookies, upgrade, website glitch, etc. So it that actually accurate, or do they just put that there for social purposes? Anonymous July 17, at 2:

I just checked again in the Edit Profile tab and it is definitely there at least for me. Try asking one of the guys if they can still see it. Will POF show someone as an "upgraded member" even if they haven't paid for the service? If you link to your profile, maybe we'll find out that your profile picture isn't doing you any favors. To my understanding, only people who have previously messaged you will be able to see and interact with you?


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