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If you find yourself overindulging from the jar every night, portion control is key, so make these calorie medjool almond butter halves; one large medjool date filled with almond butter and granola is all you need to feel satisfied! These dark chocolate and coconut almond treats are a cinch to make while you're watching TV in the evening; then, just refrigerate for at least 10 minutes to let them set.

DESCRIPTION: Instead, make a batch of stove-top popcorn — it only takes a few minutes and is much better for you than most store-bought bags! Casein is the slower-digesting milk protein whey being the other milk protein and has been shown to boost recovery while you sleep when taken later at night. However, studies have shown that it has calming properties that allow many to fall asleep more easily. At night, thaw for a few minutes and add a drizzle of chocolate, fruit, or other toppings for a quick and easy fro-yo snack.

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Still Hungry? Here Are 10 Low-Calorie Late-Night Snacks | Fox News

Instead, whip up a batch of this lower-calorie raisin peanut butter to keep in your fridge for when the mood strikes. Oxmoor House Eggs Eggs are excellent sources of protein, so whip up a scrambled egg with whole-wheat toast for a quick late-night snack.

  • Bananas A banana is a quick and easy snack to munch on before bed that will help you get some extra shut-eye. The cold sweetness of frozen blueberries is very refreshing at the end of the day.
  • Eating low-glycemic carbs at night can help control your blood sugar the next day and even help you regulate your appetite.
  • Chocolate is often seen as a forbidden food -- but not all chocolate is created equal.
  • Healthy Foods to Eat at Night.
  • A great alternative to traditional ice cream is to make it with frozen bananas. Advertisement 4 of 9 Photo:

Advertisement 5 of 9 Photo: Oats While many may think of oats solely as a breakfast food, they are also an ideal bedtime snack. Dieters everywhere covet the delicious, rich, creamy consistency. Too Much Candy These strawberry banana yogurt creams are sweet enough to replace your Skittles habit while keeping the calorie count low. In addition to many other health benefits, these nutrients help relax your muscles, resulting in a restful night. Try a small bowl of fresh cherries or a glass of tart cherry juice before bed to help you get some shut-eye. What to Eat at Night to Lose Weight. The combination of berries and cream is a simple and satisfying dessert.

Late-Night Snacks for Better Sleep

This Filipinx hormone lowers body temperature and helps induce drowsiness. In addition to many other health benefits, these nutrients help relax your muscles, resulting in a restful night. But if your late-night eating includes grilled cheese, ice cream or gobs of peanut butter, here are a few healthier options for you. Food to Eat at Night for Diabetics. Eggs Eggs are excellent sources of protein, so whip up Filipina Late Night Snack scrambled egg with whole-wheat toast for a quick late-night snack. Why Not Snaxk Eat After 7 P.

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Best Midnight Snacks

Also, the tryptophan in milk, when coupled with carbohydrates think warm milk and honey , plays a role in helping to unwind before bed. Sprinkle some cheese into your scrambled eggs for a calcium boost to produce even more sleepiness. Do you have other late-night snack ideas that our readers should know about? Healthy Foods to Eat at Night.


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