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Benji February 4, at 6: My wife and I are both concerned about the effects of medical school and the time it will rob from my family. If I were to change anything, I probably would have ended the relationship a lot earlier after the first wedding was cancelled.

DESCRIPTION: But then, during vacation, he has to spend his three weeks preparing for his board exams. For him, I schedule us time, just like I schedule everything else.

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Life As A Med Student's Girlfriend

I can't see my old method of studying throughout the entire weekend working very well at all anymore. But I guess love is like that. I compromise by making sure I pitch in on major cleaning events every few weeks or so coinciding with the completion of another block.

  • Sometimes I would come home from work, pull into my garage, and just sit there and cry. KMB Jul 26, 9:
  • There is part of me that is excited about starting it alone, so that I don't feel pressured to come home right away to him.
  • I knew things were different between us, but I just kept going hoping things would get better, holding on to that false belief that if he was just home, things would be better and we wouldn't be having these issues.

And I kid you not, everyday, Jason made sure he spoke with me, and if he didn't have time to have a very long conversation, he would at least check to see that I'm okay and tell me he loved me. A healthy relationship needs I was better able to relax while at home because I had the opportunity to talk about things other than medicine. So I have unpluged my phone this week cause if he can't make 5 minutes for me of his valuable time than he isn't worth any of mine. I'm hopeful that everything will be okay, but it doesn't stop me from wondering how everything will turn out. By the time I got to Friday, my batteries were dead and I needed to rest and Friday happened to be one of my longest days. Thanks Tanya for the encouraging words! How much longer we will ride is a different story.

Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship in Med School

  • Life As A Med Student's Girlfriend
  • However, after Jason's first semester of med school, Jason got cold feet and we had to cancel the wedding. Now he's getting prepared for clinical practice.
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  • Of course, its probably no surprise, because everyone told him we would break up once he left.

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He was home for only three weeks and then left again. My fiance knows that he has to keep himself "entertained" with his own friends and activities rather than expecting me to act as his play-buddy. It's definitely not for everybody. Congratulations on your engagement!

He is a physician who went through a long distance relationship while in school. I went to the bedroom and laid on my bed and cried.


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