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It was a lot of fun writing this hub and I will hopefully be able to up date it once in a while as more information comes to light. There is nothing that I disagree with at all in what you say.

DESCRIPTION: Sorry guys, this page is copyright Black Oak Media, She fell in love with a manservant. Haunting Illinois challenges you to get off the couch and start exploring our wonderful State of Illinois. The prince was away, fighting in the Thirty Years' War , and his wife took a wandering minstrel as a lover.

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Urban Legends of White Lady Ghost

This doesn't make investigations any easier, particularly as the mind is such a complex entity in its own right.

  • But is it a ghost or a physical species not yet recognised by science?
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  • Is it to do with the kind of ghost? These strange fog-like shapes have been caught on video and photographs and are often seen as white whispy smoke.
  • She is said to be dressed in a hooded cloak and is alleged to be a nasty character. Vote up and interesting.

Is it just co-incidence that each of these people suffered a terrible physical trauma? I think there is good supportive evidence for the existance of ghosts. This ghost, or one very much like it, was supposedly captured on a now famous photograph taken using infrared film. In the 17th century estimated [31] , this site was burned down killing the daughter of Lord Lambert Reynart. The legend states that she has a hatred for men. There are two known entities here.

The Colour of Ghosts: White Lady and Grey Lady Meanings

Some people think she was Mary Bregovy who died in a car accident. You can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account. Hi Minnetonka Twin, Chicaago to hear from you and many thanks for the great comment. I think there is good supportive evidence for the existance of ghosts.

Lady in White (STAR) (STAR) (STAR) Frankie Lukas Haas Phil Len Cariou | Article from Chicago Sun-Times April 22, A White Lady is a type of female ghost dressed in all white reportedly seen in because he suspected she was in love with a black slave and only gave her. Another popular ghost is the White Lady and is an indispensable part of any book on Chicago hauntings. Folklorists and ghost Top 10 Hottest Ghosts in Illinois.

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In an area first settled by bachelors, it is no wonder that such a phantom appears there time and time again, desperate to be reunited with a lost love. Another eerie account is not to be found in any stately manor house but a mountain. And probably mine in a sense. We have had our house blessed with holy water and actually seen a glowing light float out of the second floor while the house was been cleansed by witnesses.

I hope I can sleep well. She is alleged to have written about her experiences and this is said to have inspired the book "Barry Lyndown" by Thackery. She was falsely accused of witchcraft and plotting against the King.

  • White Lady (ghost)
  • They planned to bring Sophie back and allow her free living at the Abbey. Perchta refused, and her husband cursed her.
  • Meet Chicago's most famous ghost: Resurrection Mary
  • But that they are there I personally don't have any doubts.

As benevolent beings, they may aid in childbirth or offer good advice. She dances with unsuspecting men at the Willow Brook Ballroom and then asks for a ride home, only to vanish before reaching her destination. Once again many thanks for your lovely comment and taking the time to visit. Her grave is near the old mill hotel and she is said to be seen sitting under a beautiful tree. Reports of the ghostly encounters were published in Dallas-area newspapers in the s. Years later in a vision of the event it saved two small boys lives.

We have lived in a haunted house for almost 4 years this Oct. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Archived from the original on July 14,


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