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The Major Experience is an experiential learning graduation requirement that ensures every Millsaps student directly connects with our vision of producing transformative leaders who will have positive impacts across the street and around the globe. When a teenager is the first to connect to a church; 3. His thankfulness compels him to action and a missional life. Reflect on the viability of proposed solutions or responses to problems, revising strategies and conclusions as new information is gathered and analyzed. Students will experience scientific methods through formation, testing, and refinement of hypotheses, models, and theories.

DESCRIPTION: The Family of God. Course topics will be diverse and from a variety of disciplines. When exposed to Hindu texts my sophomore year, I was hooked, and the rest is history. Courses fulfilling this requirement must maintain at least 3 contact points per week.

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What Discipleship Looks Like (Part I) - BASIC College Ministries

During the second semester spring term for most but offered in the fall for transfer students , each student must attend a Writing Program workshop on reflective writing to help them prepare for submission of their portfolio in their second year. For academic purposes, a student is considered a native speaker of a language other than English if the student was raised in a non-English speaking country and was formally educated through all or most of high school in a language other than English. Recognize the scope and limits of scientific inquiry.

  • Students will challenge assumptions and draw defensible conclusions relevant to the topic. Completion of this workshop is required; students will not be able to access their online Writing Proficiency Portfolio space until they have completed this requirement.
  • We explore and learn together, and on most days I can't think of a more enjoyable way to spend time than to be leading students into the fascinating ways of religions and cultures of the world, which turns out to be a very practical course of study for getting interesting jobs too.
  • She deeply believes that God uses the things that used to hold us down, to draw us closer to him.

Description This course is a humanities-based, interdisciplinary exploration of human experience and world cultures throughout history, considering intellectual development, artistic expression, social and cultural evolution, from pre-history until the present. The course will develop skills for seeking, understanding, and interpreting cultural phenomena across numerous human contexts. More details about each requirement below. Writing Requirement There are two writing requirements for graduation:

Strategic Discipleship provides five years of free small group Bible studies to help people grow in their faith and become disciple makers. CURRICULUM OVERVIEW. Learn the gospel together with easy-to-use resources for Sunday school, small groups, and one-to-one discipleship. Resources include The Gospel-Centered Life series, Sonship, How People Change, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, and many others.

BASIC College Ministries

By studying Christianity in an academic context, students become empowered to engage in our multi-religious world with deep respect for the complexity of religious life. Courses will explore a focused problem or theme relevant to a particular disciplinary field Discippeship develop problem solving, collaboration, and written and oral communication skills. We'll trace concerns with emancipation and freedom through Toni Morrison's lyrical novel Beloved to the Chadts of Romantic art Beethoven's 9th to the reason-loving Enlightenment--and all the way back in spring semester: One has to test one's understanding of anything by trying to share it with others. Introduction to the Millsaps Writing Program:

This requirement emphasizes language study as a vital means to understanding other cultures, literatures, historical perspectives, and human experiences.

The Major Experience is an experiential learning graduation requirement that ensures every Millsaps student directly connects with our vision of producing transformative leaders who will have positive impacts across the street and around the globe. This requirement fosters opportunities for engaged citizens to understand a multifaceted social world and act within it. Integrate and apply academic skills to understanding practical experiences and problems found beyond the traditional classroom. These courses are complementary to the distinctive goals of Our Human Heritage, which constructs a large-scale historical framework by examining multiple historical contexts and drawing on multiple humanities disciplines.

The Compass Curriculum is your guide to a life-changing education — one that helps you choose your own path, provides you the tools to use along the way, and offers learning opportunities uniquely tailored to your goals! What does discipleship look like?

  • My historical and cultural awareness has grown immensely as a result of teaching in the Millsaps humanities core, both in the Heritage program and in the Topics course sequence. Religious studies is dedicated to understanding human life—one's own life included—in this light.
  • Fatherlessness is an Alarming Trend
  • The Compass Curriculum is a key building block in that experience, and offers all incoming first-year students beginning fall a new and exciting tool to find their best path to graduation and beyond!

Communications in Humanities

Contact About Employment Policies Library. Understand and accurately explain scientific problems and information presented quantitatively. Why Study the Bible Who is God?


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