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A lot goes on after Dark show. They have floated way to long. The problem is if Jessie continues to throw everyone under the bus, no one will believe anything she says. This season is pretty annoying.

DESCRIPTION: Then again, Amanda talked about getting rid of Helen too so who can claim the high ground here? That girl, like her or not, has won several HOH and Veto comps.

M Mohan: i like it sex

Mr.Rager: Amazingly strong submissive. Who is this delightful woman?

Pocahontas: a girl that isnt afraid to push her self great!

Nikola Tesla: Really cute. The only one really playing seems to be the drum girl.

PAQITAS: Dubbing was shit. But I like his control. There is no way I would be pulling out if I was fucking a babe like that. Deep into her belly is where that spunk should go. ;)

Mitch Berg: Beautiful lady, awesome creampie!

Shadow77999: The brunette has very sexy legs, both hot women

Hedi Dhouibi: what the actual fucking hellher boyfriend is standing in the fucking doorway he better get his dumb ass in there and fucking save his girlfriend

Royal Deer: please please where can we purchase or see more of these they are so out there especially when they rip there clothes off

Mike Wentzel: That German lady talking can shut the fck up.

Jessie becomes a target among the houseguests because of this, and she is nominated for eviction alongside Candice by HOH GinaMarie. He still does not know that Amanda is about ready to evict him!

  • On week 1, Jessie is nominated for eviction alongside Candice Stewart by McCrae Olson , who believes them to be the most disliked people in the house.
  • Andy lies to Jessie that she is not the main target, and leaves the nominations the same when he wins the POV. We still have three days before eviction and whole lot can happen in that period of time.
  • Now she may get a bigger target on her back.

Atleast, that is what I would if I were her! I would love to see all those post when was the last and final time they watched BB. Contents [ show ]. Helen would probably throw Elissa under the bus and say it was her plan. Jessie then votes to evict Judd along with the rest of the house.

/r/BigBrother is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the television series Big Brother. Houseguest Hookups I think bb15 Jessie hooked up w one of those. Jul 15,  · In this exclusive feed highlight, Judd & Jessie get close and pose for the photobooth. Subscribe for Live Feed access to see it all! Sign up HERE: http://bit.

Jessie Kowalski

But Hlene is down to 1 ally. Reading, social media, yoga, swimming, taking my dog on Brorher, laying by the pool, cooking and dancing. I also love to camp, have Broter, cookouts, go to the river, lake, etc. That might work,but reading the play by play on the Joker site, it looks like she is going with the scorched Earth plan. They will assume she is just trying to stir up trouble to save herself.

If they do not use their heads then, you can sell them the Brooklyn bridge. How many times does Brotger have to say that for you not to know that he is lying to you! Games Movies TV Wikis. You need to google Amanda Zuckerman.

Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Some of them probably have enough brain cells left to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth!

He is crazy if he wants to protect Amanda, the piranha! On week 3, Jessie votes to evict Jeremy McGuire along with the rest of the house. They then back out of the plan, however, after confiding with Andy Herren. Single And Ready To Mingle?

  • Big Brother 15: Judd The S-T-U-Double-D Stealing Kisses With Jessie
  • Nothing to be lost by trying! Big Brother Big Brother 15 live feeds pics.
  • Anything with friends and family is a blast.
  • Kicking the only people out who would vote Amanda out.

I guess if I had to choose, I would like to see Elissa and Andy in the final two if for no other reason than the way they mock each other is amusing at times. Richie Candice did try to tell Judd he refused to listen that was his big mistake. I was actually proud of her for standing up to Helen and not backing down. Apparently this was all spurred on by each other trying to play each other: But Hlene is down to 1 ally. All she is doing is making her life in the jury house miserable because she is not helping herself from getting evicted.

A lot goes on after Dark show. I do not count Helen who thinks she does not need Jessie! Andy is the most terrible and annoying player of the season! Almost everyone who could play for the next HoH was targeting Helen anyway.


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