Do Women Wear Pantyhose Anymore



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Have a blessed day, Cyndi! Nylons are always twisting around or I get a snag and they run They are supposedly making a bit of a comeback due to Kate Middleton wearing them.

DESCRIPTION: I'm 38, so not exactly a youngin'. These work great and your pretty pedicure can still be scene and yet your legs look smooth and classy. If you think your legs would look better in hose, why the heck wouldn't you wear them?

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Are Pantyhose In or Out of Style? - Cyndi Spivey

I never wear hose with my business suits and heels, even at board meetings.

  • They are not a fashion statement for her, they re a request from the Queen.
  • I don't go out and tan anymore I haven't in a long time and I'm not interested in "bronzing" my legs. They are not totally out.
  • Hose have even made some recent appearances on runways ,.
  • I work for a fortune company. Do I wear nude hose, sheer black hose or no hose.
  • Now to find some shoes to go with it.

I have been seeing a lot of the younger women wearing pattern panty hoses with dresses and skirts. But pantyhose is far from extinct. If one were to see a classy looking lady, she's abit old and sometimes if she isn't 'old' Altman heavy. For work, I wear hose if I am wearing a skirt or dress I work in the financial industry.

Are Pantyhose In or Out of Do NOT wear suntan pantyhose. Most women don’t have that color to “dress up” often anymore but when I do. Why don't women like wearing pantyhose? Anonymous. Relationships. All I've seen is petty, weak, nonsensical excuses as to why women don't wear pantyhose anymore.

Does anyone wear pantyhose anymore?

I do go bare legged when wearing informal summer dresses with sandals: When you say formal settting, do you mean a business meeting or a evening out? Kate Middleton has been wearing pantyhose ever since she came into the spotlight.

Hi Moms! I feel so out of it asking this question, but do women wear nylons/pantyhose with dresses anymore, or is that a terribly outdated look? The Disappearance Of Hosiery: 10 Reasons Legs telling young women that only grandmothers and old ladies wear pantyhose, women are going to have to wear hose. Pantyhose and stockings sales are still and thanks to more casual office wear, Pantyhose were required wearing for women workers at the Mayo.

It looks great on them. But I am 46 and that was a style back then. And control top pantyhose because I still have a big tummy.

Up here patterned tights we're talking giant paisley swirls , ripped up fishnets, sparkles, etc. He is the roadway of righteousness. I have that same struggle with flats, and bare feet in heels.

  • Why pantyhose sales are still surprisingly strong
  • They were thinner and worked better than thermal underwear.
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  • Last week I was with a friend at a banquet and she had on pantyhose but I had NO idea until she said she was so annoyed with them. Are Pantyhose In or Out of Style?

Sheer thigh high stockings. If its an interview I might. I even felt fine at most weddings or cocktail parties going bare I found this piece to be interesting, since men of my generation grew up admiring hose on women's legs. Where I work, pantyhose are not required or expected business to slight business casual environment - definitely no jeans allowed.

However, inspired by Kate Middleton I've started to wear them again and my legs look so much better, my feet hurt less in heels in fact I'm more willing to wear heels. Most people, women included, would think that is inappropriate for the workplace


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