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Guuuurl I can't even describe how much I like your response!!! Out of all the characters, I find Seung-pyo the most interesting. You're going to the ends of the earth to create this totally different character out of a novel, while hiring "actors" to participate in elaborate scenarios.

DESCRIPTION: Min-young chases after her, leaving Seung-pyo to deal with the supposedly injured taxi driver. Omg, I kind of love drunk Min-young. Min-young asks what you do when two friends fall for the same person. Ack — this show keeps on getting better.

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That coupled with his sincerity when he goes out to meet her and with the confession and all. She recognizes Arang, who is the sole remaining member of the old troupe, and assumes that Min-young is one of the current members.

  • This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But they say she is getting better in showing some emotions on some scenes BUT still seems like a robot on others.
  • I just guessed it from his voice. And where Kim Su to left off, Spartakooks took over.
  • The sudden embrace takes Min-young by surprise, and a few more seconds of awkward silence pass before she speaks up.
  • Denis Compton was a fixture of the England cricket team throughout the s and s, excelling as both a batsman and a bowler.

It's one of my favourite things about this drama so far. When Min-young wakes some hours later, she stumbles across Byung-hoon watching old high school movies by himself on a projector. XD But I want to know more about the 3 robots too Ha NI May 31, at Thanks for the recap! But his acting in this episode and even in previous episode didn't evoke in me a sense that he was really falling for Se Kyung. Yes, Arang's feelings and the extent of them were uncertain to start with, that I'm not doubting.

Watch online and download Dating Agency: Cyrano drama in high quality. Various formats from p to p HD (or even p). HTML5 available for mobile devices. May 28,  · Initially I ignored the upcoming tvN drama Cyrano Dating Agency (formerly with the Flower Boy in its name) Cyrano Dating Agency Episode 1 Recap.

I would start a show off with an insane obsession, with most of them fizzling out by the end of the run. I know stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, but Korea though But his acting in this episode and even in previous episode didn't evoke in me a sense that he was really falling for Se Kyung. I could tell that you were Cyraon in real life since i no longer saw you lurking in DB's posts, hope everythings died down and you have some time for yourself to relax. The arm thing is just your muscles doing something weird 5

Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 5 by javabeans. We had to do a little reshuffling in order to appease the fourth dimension, which frankly is kind of being a bitch lately, by the way, and that means I’m taking over recaps for Dating Agency Cyrano. The one that keeps playing in the background whenever dating agency cyrano ep 5 recap get a wistful moment in the drama. Anseony aka Kim Bong Do! Continue reading "Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 2" Dating Agency: Cyrano OST Thanks for the recap. I enjoyed this episode and wasn't at all shocked she was.

Is it just me or do Sooyoung and Lee Jong Hyuk have some mad chemistry? They're relationship is a main plot point in this drama so these missions are just set ups for their relationship.

A romantic past I mean. Hm, why are you so keen on having her stay? Does anyone know the name of that song that played while Se Kyung was looking for Idol boy?

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  • He went all the way to Korea just to sell drugs? And, of course, she's a teenager, so it's not like she has much experience in love.
  • 100% Guaranteed!

I've been super insanely busy with both personal and professional life things, but I'm so happy to have a reason to haunt the dramabeans boards again! JD June 11, at 5: Min-young is much out today, and explains her bad out as a dating agency cyrano recap ep 5 of members. Min-young visits Joon-hyuk at the animal hospital to convey her thoughts about the case. Ah ha ha ha ha! Back at Cyrano HQ, Min-young entertains the boys with her swashbuckling tale of courage at the train station, only to have Byung-hoon burst her bubble.

Fenton was dating you, too?

I could tell that you were busy in real life since i no longer saw you lurking in DB's posts, hope everythings died down and you have some time for yourself to relax. Se-kyung runs on, searching the neighborhood for sign of Ho-yeol. I liked the first 4 episodes but there was an emotional disconnect there that kept me from really loving this show. I'm really hoping this continues to be fun and compelling. The preview looks exciting.


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