Indian Office Colleagues Dating Part 3



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All the above applies to Indians in India. I rarely work with competent indian colleagues. They don't follow their training or documentation given to them. I never want to offend anyone: Now we have constant complaints, every single day.

DESCRIPTION: India when it was occupied by Britain began speaking this English. On a more serious note, do most Indians enjoy humor like that of Russel Peters or do they find him offensive? In terms of your position, I think just chatting with them, learning about them, ask them questions about their interests.

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One funny thing I noticed is that with a lot of Europeans, North Americans, is we love to talk about the Weather If they bobble their heads at you, that means they like you. This does happen sometimes depending how experienced an engineer is.

  • Even in India, people from different parts of the country can speak completely different languages and have different cultural values.
  • We had a colleague who worked in the USA for over 8 years and wrote that shit even when he came back to India.
  • They all have different cultural experiences and are just as different and interesting as anyone else. My team mates, and they are team mates, were actually staying up until long past midnight local time, and their shift would have finished at 5 over the last few days to help resolve and issue.

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Yes of course we Indians are making effort, Is just some racist pricks they are entitled to push over others. But, people are getting more mature and can take a jab or two as a comic relief. It's the same in Australia right now and I'm jobless at the moment:

  • Last backup was 4 years ago. Employment laws for companies that have more than about staff are stricter than all but two of the 34 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, resulting in a disorganized economy composed mostly of small businesses where employees have few rights.
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  • When you outsource some work , Its your job to come out with what you need, They are hired to what they are told. He pulled the contract to find out the contract literally was he gives them money and they do nothing.

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Better designed labor regulations can attract more labor- intensive investment and create jobs for India's unemployed millions and those trapped in poor quality jobs. Given the country's momentum of growth, the window of opportunity must not be lost for improving the job prospects for the 80 million new entrants who are expected to join the work force over the next decade. The the states when you have someone who has no idea what they are going to do with their life, have no drive, have no interests, etc they usually go to college for stuff like communications, sports marketing, etc. Meh, I'm just getting a little tired of this false equivlance of all things. So you want to be a sysadmin? If they are wobbling their heads for both yes and no along with OK, you have a nut on hand. Trust me, a lot of them are creative and would have come up with amazing ideas to simplify problems.


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