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DESCRIPTION: However, in positions 2 and 4 combined Neck- Middle and Bridge- Middle the 6. The plant from which the COB serial number prefix models originate remains a mystery. I just picked up an affinity tele yesterday.

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Guitar Mods, Repairs, and Projects Questions and comments about repairing, modifying, or building a guitar. Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

  • Find More Posts by bucky katt. It really makes one feel different and the guitar looks great playing on stage.
  • Not that this is fact but I have read the other letters have something to do with the plant as in which one Just for trivia it will be interesting to see what others post.
  • It has the vibe, look and sound of something that is really special and unique. Do you already have an account?

You can make all kinds of Vintage tube "pops" and smooth blues with this guitar. The serial is CY Probably a tele, although I may pick up a strat if I come across a good deal. DJMonty , Sep 16,

Help With Decoding A Serial Number.....

Columbia South Carolina Posts: Scottsdale, ArizonaUnited States. Jun 20th, Views Read Edit View history.

Oct 02,  · Squier serial number model/dating i can buy myself a Classic 50's vibe Telecaster Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s Electric Guitar and more Solid. Squier serial number model/dating. I just bought a Squier Thinline Classic Vibe Tele this past Monday. it's my first Tele after 45 years of playing. Squier: . Dec 09,  · However I would be more inclined to believe it though, if the date on the heel was prior to the March '08 serial date. I would guess that the necks are assembled, inspected and stamped (on the heel) before final assembly. Then the serial # would be stamped at final assembly and be later than the date on the heel. Just my guess though.

Nov 29, I don't think it would be a Stagemaster, I think they came out in

If anybody knows I'd love to hear. Tue Mar 04, Non-Fender Gear Reviews Use this forum to write reviews of non-Fender gear, software, books, instructional materials, etc. BB code is On.

Squier ranks among the best-known U. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The numbers for each year typically overlap by a few months, as there is always a transitional period between successive years and because necks and complete instruments that are made and serial numbered late in any given year will be used on instruments assembled and sold in the early months of the subsequent year.

  • Classic Vibe serial letters?
  • Guitar manufacturing companies Fender Musical Instruments Corporation Musical instrument manufacturing companies of the United States Manufacturing companies based in Arizona Fender electric guitars. For the life of me i cant find the info im looking for to decode this serial.
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  • It's what makes the Strat famous for emotionally fuelled music and what makes it so personal, the single coil pickups will pick up any rake, scratch or slightest variation in picking.

Fender began negotiations with several Japanese musical instrument distributors and reached an agreement with Yamano Gakki and Kanda Shokai to establish Fender Japan. Create a free website Powered by. These models were Fender models and not Squier models. No documentation or comment from the manufacturer has resolved the question of which plant produced them. No registered users and 0 guests.

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Switch to Threaded Mode. For all players, beginner to expert, this forum is here to help you play better. I'm not sure; I've not seen him for a while, but he's had it as long as I can remember, but I can only remember back about ten years. Minnesota, originally from Luzianne Posts: Rock-it 88's - Keyboard Forum This forum is for all types of keyboards, from acoustic pianos to synthesizers and everything in-between. Fender Electric Instruments entered the picture in the s, when the V. If you play a current Squier and think to yourself, 'that's not bad for the money', it's probably a Standard or an Affinity. Squier Company manufactured strings for violins , banjos , and guitars.

Find More Posts by candyman. Rock Find More Posts by S. I can ask my friend Eric who works at the CV factory what it means. Squier Company manufactured strings for violins , banjos , and guitars.

Please post your non-Fender pickup questions in The 'Pup' Tent. Miscellaneous and Non-Fender Topics Misc. A blue that ive never seen on a Strat with matching headstock. This arrangement benefited Fender because it removed the Greco Fender copies from the Japanese market, which were selling in Japan at much lower prices than the American made Fenders and it also benefited Kanda Shokai because Kanda Shokai could then distribute Japanese made Fender branded guitars in Japan. Lol Sounds almost like a Stagemaster. But I recall him not even having to set up anything after the string change; perhaps he was rushed. Find More Posts by bucky katt.


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