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DESCRIPTION: They do the toughest, hardest missions. See how its power affects his destiny. A basic Naruto with multiple personality disorder. Starts at the summer before sixth year.

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Oh here's something else any stories with a good Orochimaru or Danzo. She calls a dear friend to help with the damage control.

  • His voice grew muffled as he took a bite of donut and chewed appreciatively. This one will have Naruto not be Minato and Kushina's son.
  • She pinned a smile on her lips and focused her eyes down the beach.
  • Inside, she found Dustin sitting at the dinette drinking a cup of orange juice and chatting with his favorite person. Heavy on humor and bashing with some plot in it.
  • February 2, at 7: I love Lucy, but I think that if she and Natsu end up together we'll lose a beautiful romance six years in the making!
  • Scooby-Doo - This idea comes from watching Scooby-Doo! Initially forced together, Naruto and Temari quickly grow closer but destiny has many challenges for the couple.

Again if you want do this idea or need more info let me know by PMing me. Rainbow Springs State Park: She takes Naruto away. Especially devils den and three sisters springs!! The Contracts of the Uzumakis -here's another Naruto story I am working on. Hermione won't be in this at all.

Check out world's best top luxury interior decoration resources, designer furniture, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and office furniture. More Maddie, Kyra, Avery, Nikki and crew! In the latest Ten Beach Road novel, Maddie, Nikki, and Avery all move into cottages at the Sunshine Hotel–and begin .

M - English - Romance - Chapters: Working on the story and not who'll be paired up at the moment. Dumbledore's New Plan Status: Maddie peeled the large yellow gloves from beneath his armpits and down his arms. Harry gets help for the tournament and then some.

We'll walk different paths to the same destinations, as all the arcs are chronicled again - this time, with a Frre focus on our grand cast. A story of Hermione discovering, in the silences shared with her best friend, what love truly meant Cloud, Tifa and Yuffie head to Konoha so Yuffie can pick up her niece so she can train her.

  • Best Beach Ever
  • Proud Parents by robst reviews Despite how impossible it seemed, Harry was sure his dad had saved the three of them from the dementors. Having moved to France with Sirius, Harry has to juggle his new school, his relationship with Fleur and Dumbledore's attempts to return him to England.
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I will most likely change a few things in Fairy Tail to fit into HP, but not too much. Rated T for themes and language. A warm glow formed in her chest and radiated outward. Kushina survived and raises Naruto with the help of two Sannin.

Hogwarts starts at 13 years old in this story, so the characters are 16 in 4th Year. Who are the ones going to aid her? A story of Hermione discovering, in the silences shared with her best friend, what love truly meant She never expected it to come in the form of an enigmatic green eyed young man who had more than a passing interest in the past. The New Team 7 - right, this idea takes that Kakashi is stripped of his team due to leaving Naruto tied up on a post after the team passes their test. They should've gotten together in my opinion. M for a reason.

She was still smiling when she heard the first sounds of movement from the second bedroom. See how its power affects his destiny. Her father froze briefly. Especially devils den and three sisters springs!! A classic, revisited seven years later.

Difference is Naruto doesn't find out his heritage or that he has to marry. God, she wished they were only coming home from a trip to the grocery store or some other mundane errand and not about to watch some stranger move in. For a few heady minutes she simply gave herself up to the fresh air, the wash of water on and off the sand, and the caw of gulls wheeling through the sky. I don't look over everything I write with a critical eye because that takes the fun out of it. A few doors down they passed the two- bedroom cottage that Madeline Singer, her daughter Kyra and grandson Dustin had just moved into. Basically though in the Naruto one Kiba gets Naruto and Sasuke to sign up for a dating auction. My new Naruto story from my Naruto Story Ideas story.


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