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In season 7, Keroro planned to switch bodies with Tamama, but everything goes out of control and he ends up switching accidentaly with a human girl, Momoka The Big Bad tries to do this to Curtis in Phantasmagoria 2.

DESCRIPTION: The character has zero control over this, not able to choose not to do this, nor able to choose the person they merge with They don't like this, but there's no choice in the matter. The page picture is from Regular Show , in which an overachieving bodybuilder 's consciousness steals Rigby's body after it forces Rigby's consciousness out in protest of him.

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Grand Theft Me - TV Tropes

Isis once possessed Lois. After the battle is over, the player learns that Doopliss actually swapped bodies with Mario. Professor Ozpin has this power:

  • When played around with the button on the locket, pressing it can cause some possession effects with voice changes , like the Voodoo Lady's possessions of De Cava and Guybrush, and Guybrush's possession of the Voodoo Lady. In the Adventure Game Post Mortem , one of the characters has used this method in order to live for hundreds of years.
  • In Smallville , this is common.
  • It only happens if whoever was lucky enough to kill him takes "any amount of satisfaction" from it.
  • And now Esther possessed Rebekah in Season 3. Rather than risk destruction, he has implanted coding into many of his underling's coding that allow him to possess them.

This is what happens if you get the bad ending in Black Dahlia. Eventually, Dodge possesses Bode's body in this way, then impersonates him to the rest of the family. Reborn , the Skull even attempts to do to this to a resurrected Cap, who had just been pulled out of time. When the minds of Vernan D'Argue and Anderson both end up inside the body of a gorilla by accident, D'Arque having lost both his original body and his intended clone-body tries to absorb the gorilla's mind into himself and steal Anderson's body. Explorers of Sky has this as Dusknoir's back-up plan; he's going to lure Grovyle to a frozen tundra whose trees have the power to destroy souls , kill him, take over his body, travel to the past to befriend the guild, and then destroy everyone there.

Grand Theft Me

He worries through the entire story, if Cronal Strip For Spinal Surgery the human brain is a huge, society-wide case of this, or no big deal. In the Elseworlds miniseries The Golden Agethe Ultra-Humanite is revealed to have joined the Nazis, transferred his brain into the body of a captured Crojal hero, and returned to the US as America's favourite returning son. It's played straight, albeit mildly, when the clones are killed and their organs transplanted This is the trademark jutsu of Ino and the rest of the Yamanaka Clan, though unlike most variants of this trope, it's a temporary thing and their hosts are able to regain their bodies in a short time. In Edmond Hamilton's short story The Avenger from Atlantis also titled The Vengeance of Uliosthe protagonist pursues his mortal enemy for thousands of years; both he and his quarry transfer their brains to numerous bodies to keep up the chase. He relents, Surgeryy takes himself to find the guru.

The Grand Theft Me trope as used in popular culture. When one character forcibly and deliberately swaps bodies with another. There are two main versions of .

In Strike the Blood the protagonist Koujou gets his body stolen by Yuuma, his childhood friend. The Collective of Tribe Twelve fame are eventually revealed to do this. His brain is living in a giant mecha until he can find the world's strongest fighter and take their body. Eventually she goes on a date with Giroro, buys a bikini and goes to the beach with him.

  • When The Jahana Group learns that Satomi's latent fighting potential is one of the highest on record, they manipulate her into entering the tournament to that end. The Mickey Mouse short " Runaway Brain " features him being a volunteer in a scientific experiment to earn some money.
  • Betsy Braddock, aka Psylocke was a British superheroine who - after a very convoluted series of events even by 90s X-Men storyline standards - thought she'd been changed to appear Asian, only to find out she'd actually had her mind swapped with a Japanese assassin named Kwannon who happened to have identical powers to Betsy's The main purpose of the Geisterdamen seems to be finding a new body for their Goddess, "The Other" aka Lucrietza Mongfish, former wife of Barry Heterodyne and Agatha's mother , and when they get their hands on Agatha


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